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Napa, CA


A native of Châteauroux, a small-town south of Orleans in Central France, Jerome spent his childhood surrounded by wine—drinking Champagne at age 10 and listening to his father’s impassioned descriptions of Pommard. He pursued his studies in enology and agriculture, eventually earning a degree from University of Burgundy in Dijon. Joining Ted Lemon as associate winemaker, Jerome worked closely with Lemons’ Littorai wines for nearly five years, where he was responsible for the overall cellar management, oversaw and directed the harvest crews, and participated in blending trials. In 2004, he became winemaker at Saintsbury, where he would spend the nearly ten years. Leading winemaking and production, he also oversaw a pivotal overhaul of the cellar, managed vineyard operations, took on purchasing and compliance, and marketed the Saintsbury wines nationally. Jerome’s passion for wine, cooking, fine dining, and travel meld perfectly with a winemaker’s lifestyle, providing the discovery and inspiration that fuels his love of the winemaking craft. He is a member of the Napa Valley Wine Technical Group and various tasting groups focused on Pinot Noir.