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Jessica Mericle

San Francisco, CA


Jessica M found out about food early on. She got sharp with a camera not long after that. She began blogging as a creative break from running a business, and hasn't looked back since -- documenting a thoughtful, visual life in CA and around the world; meeting and collaborating with amazing humans along the way. Her travels have included swimming in the Great Barrier Reef, climbing Mexican pyramids, studying urban planning in Paris, chasing Northern lights in Iceland, and eating a lot of fish sandwiches in Turkey, but she's always returned home to the Bay Area for its rich history, beautiful scenery, incredible produce, foggy climate and St. George gin. She uses her blog - - to talk about food, photography, travel, San Francisco, style, art deco pottery, cats, cocktails and architecture. Her business inspecting homes in San Francisco has taken her to every nook, side street and boulevard in the city and her natural love of history has done the rest. She lives in a shotgun Victorian with bookshelves of archival material, walls full of maps, and enough knowledge of the Barbary coast to be dangerous.