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Jessica Yamamoto-Molina
Kissimmee, FL


I'm Chef Jess and I look forward to sharing my passion for plant based foods with You. I have traveled all over the world, studying the cuisines of Thailand, India, Indonesia, Italy, Brazil, Spain, Peru, France and about 20 other countries and their regional deliciousness. Graduating with a Bachelor Degrees in Economics and Cultural Anthropology from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, I had access to some of the best foods in the world, as Las Vegas is a magnet for the worlds best chefs and restaurateurs.

The opportunity present itself for me to become a real estate entrepreneur and investor and after much success, I was able to partially retire just before my 30th birthday.

I spent four years traveling the world with my husband and children, traveling by bicycle, SUV, on planes, trains, slow boats, fast boats, mopeds, tuk tuks and rickshaws.

After traveling the world over and discovering rare tropical delicacies, studying under the most amazing private chefs in remote areas of Asia, Europe and South America, I realized, that I needed to make plant based foods a priority in my families life.

While in India at the beginning of 2013, I decided to look into studying raw food and I eventually came to study the art of Gourmet Raw Food at the Living Light Culinary Institute in Fort Bragg, California, graduating from their Gourmet Chef and Instructor program in September of 2013. I did this not only for myself and my family, however, I wanted to share my passion with my friends and family who were not so inclined to take themselves to a raw restaurant, or even a vegan vegetarian place for that matter. I found that at my own dinner table, I can encourage, through sit down meals that are filled with light and love, the additions of many nutrients and mineral rich foods that are often overlooked at the supermarket for being too time intensive or difficult to work with. I love to share how delicious it can be and how easy it is if you have the right tools and know how. I want to encourage everyone to support a healthy lifestyle. Win them with delicious food! My hope is, that maybe, just Maybe this way, by creating decadent entrees, I can show a child that vegetables can be delicious in ways they never knew possible, and I can teach adults to easily incorporate more fruits and vegetables into their diet.

My favorite region is Italy for their pastas, pizzas and lasagnas. I also love Mexican food and can't wait to have a Mexican themed night with enchiladas, guacamole, living chips and salsa.

My favorite fruits are fresh mangoes, mangosteens, watermelon, apple flavored bananas with hard inedible black seeds and Florida peaches.

Next on the travel radar is a trip to Central and South America for a raw culinary adventure filled with all of the amazing local fruits, some yoga, a nice body of water to dip into, and some music in the background.

If you're interested in learning more about me, plant based foods, food gardening, healthy travels and tourism, please join me for an amazingly delicious plant based meal.