Jirayu Poeter(25)
San Francisco, CA


At a young age, I’ve always delighted in food and cooking. Growing up on a farm in Petchabury,Thailand my family and I dealt with food daily. I quickly learned how to grow, pick, and cut produce and play with different Thai flavors through my parents and grandparents, who weren’t just farmers but also great cooks. At the age of 5, armed with their techniques and secrets, I proudly cooked my first dish --- stir-fried egg. Thinking about this time in my life, still warms me up with joy and fondness and continues to drive my passion for cooking.
I would travel to different parts of Thailand as I grew older, only to discover how varied the preparations and flavors were from each region. Eventually at 15 years old, I would settle in Bangkok and would enjoy its street food more than anywhere else I’ve traveled. This ultimately gave me a deeper appreciation for food and cooking.
And here I am now from Bangkok to San Francisco I would love to welcome you to the Holistic & Authentic Thai Dinner

Enjoy dishes featuring tastes drawn from authentic Thai street food, professional restaurant-class cuisine, and California-inspired fusion techniques. You'll be treated to both classic, popular Thai dishes and creative fusion combos which always boast the famous Thai medley of spicy, salty, sweet, and sour flavors. Our promise -- you'll indulge in the healthiest and delicious Thai feast ever served in your home. We make curry paste, dipping sauces and more from scratch, and hand-pick ingredients from local agriculture farmers. Ingredients are organic with no MSG ever used -- count on GMO free meat and poultry, as well as healthy oil used for cooking and low sodium recipes. You will also enjoy (Me) Jirayu’s cooking demo right in front of you as you're served -- just like getting street food prepared in front of your eyes in Thailand!