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Jocelyn GuestNEW MAKER!
New York, NY


Jocelyn Guest butchered at Lindy & Grundy in Los Angeles, Dickson's Farmstand Meats in New York, and Salvation Burger, also in New York, where her work began with Chef April Bloomfield. Prior to all that, she was a comedy writer. She teamed up with Bloomfield and fellow butcher Erika Nakamura to open White Gold Butchers, a full-service, exclusively whole animal butcher shop, and three-meal-a-day seasonal eatery, on the Upper West Side of Manhattan in October 2016. Jocelyn and Erika announced their departure from White Gold in March 2018. They are the founders of J&E Small Goods, specializing in small batch, well-sourced deli meats and sausage packaged for the consumer.