“Mastering - Agnolotti del Plin” Livestream with Chef Joe Sasto

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***PLEASE NOTE - THIS EVENT IS A REPLAY DEMONSTRATION OF A PREVIOUS LIVESTREAM*** (There is no date or time associated with this event) One of the most recognizable of the classic pasta shapes, and yet probably one of the most misunderstood. Many things can go wrong when tackling this tricky shape, take a step back and learn the fundamentals to this iconic shape and filling hailing from the Piedmont region of Italy. This 2 hour class will go over everything you need to know about making a perfect egg-yolk pasta dough, learning the fundamentals and techniques to a roasted meat or vegetable pasta filling, the secrets to shaping and creating the classic agnolotti “pinch”, and the basics of finishing the dish full circle, utilizing a pan sauce made from the braising jus. KEEP IN MIND THE LIVESTREAM WILL BE RECORDED AND CAN BE VIEWED AT ANYTIME AFTER THE LESSON (Perfect, for if you are unable to make it at the scheduled time) (Class will include recipe slide & shopping and equipment list for reference) Join Chef Joe Sasto on an interactive journey into the world of handmade pasta. This lesson is for the gluten-curious and pasta lover alike, perfect for all skill-levels. -- Please don't hesitate to reach out to Chef Joe with any questions you may have throughout your pasta journey! Upon reserving your space, you will receive a private link to the recipe cards and a private link to the livestream 24-hours prior to the lesson. Be sure to check your spam folder and be on the lookout! -- ChefsFeed Experiences cooking classes are a chance to virtually connect with chefs and bartenders, learn simple cooking tricks and tips, and most importantly, support the culinary community through this difficult time. Each week a portion of the proceeds will benefit a charity near and dear to Chef Joe.

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Its about the "Whys" not the "Hows"
Understanding the why's and how's of a recipe are far more important than a list of amounts and ingredients. A recipe is merely a road map, passed from one cook to the next. What makes a recipe special is the personal touch that each cook imprints on it to make it their own. Having the knowledge of "why" you do something, instead of just reading a recipe card will give you the confidence and skills to carve your own path in the kitchen. At the end of the lesson, you will feel confident enough to take this recipe and put your own touches on it, truly making it your own.
Egg-Yolk Pasta Dough
Egg-Yolk Pasta Dough It can be argued that it is the dough that makes or breaks the pasta. One of the secrets to shaping agnolotti is having the perfect dough. Chef Joe has a different dough recipe for every occasion, here he will demonstrate and share his favorite recipe for agnolotti dough, and what makes it special. Not everyone has the time (or energy) to knead dough the old-fashioned way, by hand, - instead learn a few modern shortcuts and adjustments for how-to let your stand-mixer do all the work for you. This lesson is for all skill-levels, and will be using a KitchenAid stand mixer, the pasta sheeter attachment, and some basic cutting tools. (However, do not worry, Joe will go over good substitutions for all of the tools and equipment throughout the demonstration).
Classic "Braised" Filling
Agnolotti is a type of pasta typical of the Piedmont region of Italy, made with small pieces of flattened pasta dough, folded over a filling of roasted meat or vegetables. There are just as many variations of agnolotti filling as there are nonnas in Italy - however, Chef Joe firmly believes that understanding a technique, rather than a specific recipe will give you the skills and confidence to make a delicious and succulent pasta filling with whatever meat or vegetables you happen to have available. (Vegetarian option available upon request)
Del Plin or Dal Plin? The name comes from the regional dialect for “of the pinch” or “from the punch,” which is how you make the pasta. To form each agnolotto (singular for agnolotti), you pinch two sheets of pasta together to create the small pouches. The secrets are all in the technique. Chef Joe will share his expertise to forming and shaping the perfect agnolotti.