Handmade Pasta for the Frontline - 100% of the Proceeds Goes to GIVE ESSENTIAL

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I am extremely excited to announce this collaboration with a new nonprofit, Give Essential, a peer-to-peer matching platform that supports frontline workers by connecting them with essential resources. Give Essential was founded by an all female team, when the COVID pandemic uprooted everyone’s lives. To help, they created a platform to resolve resource mismatches and help people make use of their old kids toys and unopened bottles of hotel soap and shampoo by connecting them for essential workers who need those items. Since their launch on April 10th, they’ve reached over 20,000 donors, volunteers, and raised $4million dollars in in-kind and cash donations and helping an overwhelming amount of essential workers across the country. ------------------------ Join Chef Joe Sasto on an interactive journey into the world of handmade pasta. This lesson is for all pasta lovers, perfect for all skill-levels, and requires no special tools or equipment. This 1 hour 30 minute class will go over everything you need to know about flour & water pasta dough, making cavatelli, orecchiette, and pici by hand, and culminating in a cooking tutorial for a modern twist on a Roman classic - “Cashew e Pepe”. ***RECIPES ARE VEGAN AND FAMILY FRIENDLY*** (Class will include recipe slide and shopping list for reference)

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Handmade Pasta 101
"Cavatelli" translates to "little hollows", "Orecchiette" means "little ears", and "Pici" roughly translates to "thick spaghetti". Dive into the world of pasta with one of the country's most celebrated and influential pastaios and learn first hand the basics of pasta making. This lesson is for all skill-levels, and requires no special tools or equipment. Get ready to learn the tips and tricks from one of the best. Chef Joe will demonstrate the process from start to finish, from the making and kneading of a GREEN-Spinach dough to the intricacies of handmade shapes.
It's the Whys, not the Hows
Understanding the why's and how's of a recipe are far more important than a list of amounts and ingredients. A recipe is merely a road map, passed from one cook to the next. What makes a recipe special is the personal touch that each cook imprints on it to make it their own. Having the knowledge of "why" you do something, instead of just reading a recipe card will give you the confidence and skills to carve your own path in the kitchen. At the end of the lesson, you will feel confident enough to take this recipe and put your own touches on it, truly making it your own.
"Cashew e Pepe"
There are only a handful of dishes as ubiquitous as the Roman classic - “cacio e pepe”. A marriage of cheese, black pepper, and pasta water, resulting in a rich and creamy emulsion unlike any other. Chef Joe is sharing his reinvented recipe for the classic sauce, using cashews as a base, resulting in a rich, velvety, VEGAN, sauce that won’t even have you missing the cheese.


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