CALZONES & The Perfect Pizza Dough - Livestream Pizza Lesson with Chef Joe Sasto

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**ALL CLASSES ARE RECORDED, SO SIGN UP EVEN IF YOU CAN'T MAKE THE DESIGNATED TIME AND YOU WILL RECEIVE THE RECORDING** We all know what a CALZONE is, but what about a STROMBOLI? Well it is not a calzone, nor a sandwich, and surprisingly, it is not from Italy either. This Italian-American tradition takes all the best qualities of a pizza, and combines it into a handheld treat. Last month we dove into the world of bread beginning with “focaccia pizza”. While that was a very detailed oriented and advanced bread making lesson, this is quite the opposite. THINK OF THIS AS YOUR INTRODUCTION TO THE WORLD OF PIZZA, THAT YOU DON’T NEED TO WORRY ABOUT MESSING UP. While most pizza doughs are a long and intensive three day process, this recipe can be made the night before or the morning of. Included in this workshop is a dough making video (for anyone looking to get a head start on the process), an ingredient and equipment list, and a livestream demonstration for shaping, braiding, and baking your pizza to perfection. Did I mention, there is a GLUTEN-FREE and VEGETARIAN alternative dough recipe as well? *Peep those photos!!** DON’T WORRY, NONE OF THE RECIPES OR DOUGHS USE A SOURDOUGH STARTER, AND CAN ALL BE MADE WITH INSTANT YEAST. Although, the recipe can easily be adapted for anyone with a strong sourdough starter. -- Please don't hesitate to reach out to Chef Joe with any questions you may have throughout your cooking journey! Upon reserving your space, you will receive a private link to the recipe cards and a private link to the livestream IMMEDIATELY. Be sure to check your spam folder and be on the lookout! --

Menu detail

New York Style Pizza Dough
The addition of olive oil takes a classic thin and cracker-like Neapolitan dough, to new heights - adding texture, tenderness, and depth. This dough can be made with a stand-mixer or by hand. And does not require days of planning or oversight. It can be made the night before or the morning of your pizza party. Also included is a gluten-free alternative recipe.
Stromboli Filling
The classic stromboli is filled with cured Italian deli meats and cheese. DELICIOUS. But let us not forget that a stromboli is simply a vehicle for flavor and fun. Get creative with your fillings, spinach and mushroom - ricotta and pesto - sundried tomato and olives - or nutella and marshmallow would all be perfectly acceptable.
Nonna Style Tomato Sauce
While this may not apply to all grandmothers, this is Chef Joe’s version of the classic accompaniment. Thick, rich, sweet and bursting with herbaceous flavor - perfect for pizza or anything you want to dip in here.
Why's Not Just the How's
Understanding the why's and how's of a recipe are far more important than a list of amounts and ingredients. A recipe is merely a road map, passed from one cook to the next. What makes a recipe special is the personal touch that each cook imprints on it to make it their own. Having the knowledge of "why" you do something, instead of just reading a recipe card will give you the confidence and skills to carve your own path in the kitchen. At the end of the lesson, you will feel confident enoug


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