Honey Butter Fried Chicken & Italian Rosemary Polenta Cake - Livestream with Chef Joe Sasto

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Do you also share a love for crispy, crunchy, sweet and spicy fried chicken? Then this is the live-stream lesson for you! (Also - 4/20 is only two days later, and you're going to want to make this) Three different techniques, marged together for the ultimate version of this crave-worthy meal. There are an almost endless number of ways to coat and fry chicken. Chef Joe has tested, tasted, and tried most of them. The hard work is done, and now he is ready to share with you his favorite version for a crispy, crackly exterior that stays crunchy even when tossed in a sweet, savory, and spicy honey butter sauce. While, we can all agree that perfectly fried chicken can stand up on its own - why not make the meal complete with a delicious italian rosemary polenta cake recipe. Kind of like a biscuit, kind of like cornbread, but really the perfect sweet treat you’ll want to make again and again. (**Class will include recipe page and shopping list for reference) *Vegetarian recipes also available -- ALL LIVE CLASSES ARE AUTOMATICALLY RECORDED - Keep in mind that the livestream and links live forever and are yours to keep once you reserve a spot in the lesson. Perfect if you are unable to attend at the specified time. You are able to watch at your own pace or refer back to at any time. -- Please don't hesitate to reach out to Chef Joe with any questions you may have throughout your cooking journey! Upon reserving your space, you will receive a private link to the recipe cards and a private link to the livestream IMMEDIATELY. Be sure to check your spam folder and be on the lookout!

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Understanding the why's and how's of a recipe are far more important than a list of amounts and ingredients. A recipe is merely a road map, passed from one cook to the next. What makes a recipe special is the personal touch that each cook imprints on it to make it their own. Having the knowledge of "why" you do something, instead of just reading a recipe card will give you the confidence and skills to carve your own path in the kitchen. At the end of the lesson, you will feel confident enough to take this recipe and put your own touches on it, truly making it your own.
Italian Rosemary Polenta Cake
What goes best with chicken wings you might ask? Chef Joe is sharing one of his favorite side dishes, that acts as the perfect pairing to glazed crispy wings - polenta cake. This recipe has been passed down from chef to chef, and cook to cook. A recipe with decades of experience will become a favorite in your home as well.
Honey Butter Sauce
It's usually a debate as to what sauce to pair your freshly fried and crispy chicken with… well, debate no more. Chef Joe has created a recipe that pairs sweet, spicy, savory and acidic to hit every taste bud and can be tailored to your exact taste. No need for blue cheese, ranch, or buffalo sauce today.
Honey Butter Fried Chicken
What makes the ultimate chicken wing you might ask? According to Chef Joe, “it is the perfect contrast of textures, being crispy-crunchy but wet”. This legendary texture is not easily achieved, but in this lesson you will learn the secrets for creating a tender, moist, plump, and juicy chicken wing - while retaining a crisp, crunchy coating. After a lot of trial, error, and testing, Chef Joe uses a twice cooking technique. Now he is sharing his secret method for cooking the ultimate chicken wing. (*Vegetarian friendly and Gluten-Free substitutions & recipes will be provided upon request)


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