"Sweet Corn - Molten Lava Cake” - Livestream Lesson with Chef Joe Sasto

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If you didn’t know by now, CORN is my favorite season, ingredient, and time of the year. Year after year, my creativity flourishes and I’m constantly struck with new moments of inspiration - always looking for new expressions of CORN. I know I usually focus these livestream lessons on PASTA, but this week, we are going to try something different - DESSERT! After a few years of testing, I am finally thrilled with the result. Sweet Corn Molten Lava Cake - White Chocolate & Toasted Butter Crumble | Preserved Strawberries Being not so keen on chocolate myself, but loving the idea of a warm, OOEY, GOOEY, molten half cake, half fudge dessert - I wanted to let my favorite ingredient, corn, take the place of chocolate. In this lesson - we will be diving into restaurant pastry and dessert techniques, making all of the components from start to finish. What a perfect way to celebrate the end the summer, and learn a new dessert that you will cherish FOREVER! *VEGETARIAN & GLUTEN FREE FRIENDLY* -- Please don't hesitate to reach out to Chef Joe with any questions you may have throughout your culinary journey! Upon reserving your space, you will immediately receive a welcome note with the private recipe and livestream links. Be sure to check your spam folder and be on the lookout! ALL CLASSES ARE RECORDED FOR CONVENIENCE. SIGN UP NOW FOR ALL THE RECIPES AND A LINK TO WATCH BACK WHENEVER YOU'D LIKE --

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Corn Sformato
An Italian egg based custard, very similar to flan. My version uses corn as the base and this is the time of year to celebrate it! Farmer’s market corn is going to be best here. Cakey on the outside, and gooey in the center - you’re going to want to know how to make this. I also have a gluten-free recipe alternative as well.
White Chocolate & Brown Butter Crumble
Desserts are all about contrasting textures. Using white chocolate and toasted milk solids bring together some of my favorite flavors together to make this all-purpose dessert crumble rumble.
Preserved Strawberries
This recipe and technique works well for all types of summer berries. The addition of honey helps preserve the berries for storage and use all winter long.


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