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I’ll keep this one short and sweet. I think we all know what crepes are, and how widely they can vary from cook to cook and restaurant to restaurant. However, crepes will ALWAYS have an incredibly special place in my heart. Let me explain why. If you didn’t already know, I gained my love of cooking from my mom. One of her signature dishes was, without a doubt, her crepes. Every Saturday morning would be a crepe buffet. Stacks of perfect pillowy circles of love, and a variety of toppings for everyone to enjoy. You can imagine that a sleepover at the Sasto household was a prized invitation to score. Whether or not you have a love for crepes, coffee, or enjoy listening and watching me cook and tell stories, you should sign up for this one and come hang out LIVE or sign up and watch the replay. It’s FREE to join and you get all the recipes for signing up! We all have one thing in common, we love coffee. Whether it be espresso, cappuccino, iced coffee, lattes, macchiatos, coffee is what has brought us all together. This livestream is brought to you by De’Longhi. Throughout the virtual lesson, I will be demonstrating why I love my Dinamica Plus. The Dinamica Plus is the new De’Longhi fully automatic, bean to cup coffee maker - it embodies coffee expertise, know how, and technology to help create your #perfetto moment KEEP IN MIND THE LIVESTREAM WILL BE RECORDED AND CAN BE VIEWED AT ANYTIME AFTER THE LESSON Perfect, for if you are unable to make it at the scheduled time Be sure to check your spam folder - the livestream links and recipe page will be emailed out immediately upon signing up! *Winner of the espresso machine giveaway must be present to win, selected at random, and can only be shipped to the US.

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Mom’s Crepe Recipe
It’s no secret that Mom’s crepes were the best. If you’ve ever wondered how to make these French treats at home, now you can! I’ll share a few different variations both sweet & savory...
NOT Nutella
Enough is enough, Nutella gets all the attention, but when in fact, there are other really great things you can put on crepes that are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth. Finally everyone, including those with a nut allergy, will have a sweet and silky, cocoa condiment to enjoy.


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