Wontons Made Easy!

LivestreamCalgary, Canada


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You’ve seen them at your local Chinese restaurant, pillowy and soft, filled with all the porky and shrimpy goodness you could ever want. And now you too can learn how to make your very own, with a recipe passed thru three generations of Cantonese cooks. Join me on my maiden Experience live on Twitch and Zoom! What's included: - Personal instruction from yours truly - A recipe for two wonton fillings (Guangdong style shrimp, Shanghai-style bok choy & pork), - A discussion & recipe on the perfect broth, - A discussion on the proper noodles, and - A crash course on basic Cantonese and Mandarin wonton/yuntun terms. A week before the event, a grocery list will be made available via email and/or on my Discord channel (, and a few days before, a Zoom/Skype link will be emailed to you. You also do not need to arrive right on time, you may join us at any time during the 4-hour window. Or if you want to just watch with a beer/wine, hey -- that's all right too!

Menu detail

Wonton Soup
The wonton is either Guangdong style (filled with shrimp & pork) or Shanghai style (filled with minced bok choy & pork) in a thin and light dough wrapper, and floating in a beautiful chicken stock flavoured with dried flounder (Dai Dei Yu 大地魚 in Cantonese), and garnished with more Chinese chives/green onions!


Lai See Pack (Tip the Chef)