Chinese Sweet Soup Dumplings (Tangyuan) Made Easy!

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Take your sweet tooth on a new taste adventure this Chinese New Year! Have you ever had a bowl of those soft, chewy dumplings in a sweet soup at your local Chinese restaurant and wondered "hmmm, I wonder if I can make these myself?" Well wonder no more, as we will show you how to make Tong Yuen magic in this ChefsFeed Experience on Lantern Festival Day (Yuanxiao Jie/Yuen Siu Jit) What's included: - Personal instruction from yours truly - A recipe for the glutinous rice wrappers & 3 fillings (red bean/peanut/sesame) - A recipe for the perfect sweet soup (tong sui) - A crash course on basic Cantonese and Mandarin terms! A week before the event, a grocery list will be made available via email and/or my Discord channel (, and a few days before, a Zoom/Skype link will be emailed to you. You also do not need to arrive right on time, you may join us at any time during the 4-hour window. Or if you want to just watch with a beer/wine, hey, that's all right too!

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Chinese Sweet Soup Dumplings (Tong Yuen/Tangyuan)
This is the quintessential Chinese celebration dessert, a glutinous rice flour coat wrapping around three popular fillings: red bean (hong dau/hongdou), black sesame (hak ji ma/hei zhima) and peanut (fa sung/huasheng) and floating in a gingery sugar soup!
Sweet Potato Soup (Fan Shu Tong Sui)
This spicy sweet soup laced with ginger and small diced pieces of sweet potato (fan shu) adds a new dimension of taste to your tong yuen/tangyuan!


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