Tofu (from Scratch) Made Easy! (NEW TIME)

LivestreamCalgary, Canada


chinese, vegetarian, asian
Gluten Free, Vegan, Vegetarian
**This is an updated entry, with the correct time. Please book this experience!*** Ever go to the grocery store's alternative proteins section, look at the tofu, and wonder "could I make this at home?" Well, the answer is "YES!", and you won't BELIEVE how easy it is, and you won't believe how you can get it done with just a blender, cheesecloth, a pot and tupperware container! Plus, I'll show you a delicious way to serve up that freshly made tofu with a little Sichuan kick! What's included: - Personal instruction from yours truly - A recipe for how to make your own tofu from scratch, AND a recipe for a spicy Sichuan-style meat "ragu" (inspired by Ma Po Tofu) to serve with your fresh tofu! - A crash course on basic Cantonese and Mandarin terms! A week before the event, a grocery list will be made available via email and/or my Discord channel (, and a few days before, a Zoom link will be emailed to you. This will be your way into our class! The class will be broadcasting live on Twitch, which boasts a growing food and drink community. It's not a platform for just gamers any more, so come check out our experience and join the Twitch F&D revolution!

Menu detail

The quintessential vegetarian protein, made from scratch from soybeans, water and a coagulant.
Sichuan Ragout
A spicy yet simple ragout (meat sauce) inspired by the classic Sichuan dish Ma Po Tofu that we will be serving alongside our freshly made tofu!


Red Packet (Tip) for the Chef