BBQ Pork Buns Made Easy!

LivestreamCalgary, Canada


asian, chinese, desserts/bakeries
Have you ever seen those fluffy white steamed buns filled with savoury pork on TV or at your local Chinese restaurant and wonder, “hey, can I make that at home?” Well friend, the answer is "YES!", and you won't BELIEVE how easy it is! What's included: - Personal instruction from yours truly - A recipe for how to make your own BBQ pork buns that can rival the best dim sum restaurants! - A crash course on basic Cantonese and Mandarin terms! A week before the event, a grocery list will be made available via email and/or my Discord channel (, and a few days before, a Zoom link will be emailed to you. This will be your way into our class! The class will be broadcast live on Twitch, which boasts a growing food and drink community. It's not a platform for just gamers any more, so come check out our experience and join the Twitch F&D revolution!


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