Thai Roasted Chicken (Gai Yaang) Made Easy

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You've probably been to your local Thai restaurant for your go-to Pad Thai, when all of a sudden you notice this beautifully aromatic roasted chicken on a plate coming out of the kitchen. You wonder what it is, and ask the server. The server tells you you've entered THE GAI YAANG (Northeast Thai roast chicken) ZONE. But what makes a great gai yaang? And how do you make such succulence and much flavour happen? Let's unlock the secret together Saturday Aug 28 at 9am PT/12PM ET as we send summer out with a Northeast Thai-style bang! We'll be marinating the chicken together so that you will have time to allow the bird to soak up the beautiful flavours in time for dinner, plus we will also make a simple yet traditional green papaya salad (som tum)! (but what if I can't get a green papaya? you ask -- well, we got that covered. It's just as good, I promise!) Come unlock the secret of this delicious chicken & spice up your roast chicken game!

Menu detail

Thai Roast Chicken (Gai Yaang)
The best roast chicken you can have on this planet. Umami, herbal, spicy, slightly sweet…absolutely delicious!
Papaya Salad (Som Tum)
Small Plate
Tangy, sweet and fresh…a Northeast Thai classic with tomatoes, fish sauce, peanuts and shredded green papaya…(or green mango/green cabbage).


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