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Chicago, IL


It didn't start with me watching my mom and wanting to learn, I was too busy eating. I love food, I love how it brings people together and how it can really be the glue to any situation. I learned to cook in high school, there was a magnet program that turned out to be a premier culinary program. I spent my first year watching my chef cook for us, just learning the techniques. Then we got to eat! But then we had to clean, everything. That program taught me cooking is an art form from beginning until end, and that if you want the best result you must treat every aspect as if it is the most important. There are no shortcuts in good cooking. I love cooking because it is a creative outlet for me, I love the challenges different ingredients or cooking environments bring, and most of all I love seeing the look on peoples faces when they try my food. If they love it, thats great. If they hate it, why did they hate it? What was wrong? I'm on a constant journey to improve my cooking.