Jonathan BrownsteinFounder of Trigu Imports & Sardinian Food Tours(1,325)
Cagliari, Italy


I have lived in Sardinia , Italy since 1990. My passion for food and travel is the perfect conduit to enable friends and family to experience the real artisan Sardinian and Italian way of eating and living.
On ChefsFeed we produce live shows with chefs and the gatekeepers of Italian culinary tradition, the Grandmothers!
Throughout the year we produce live interactive step by step cooking and travel shows which will give you a base to cook Sardinian and Italian.
After each show we offer you the opportuntiy to buy the ingredients that are produced by small organic farmers in Italy , so you can replicate the dishes and experience at your own home. These are NOT products you can find in America, even at the specialty stores. One of the keys to authentic Italian cooking is the simplicity to the recipes and this is in large part in respect to the incredible ingredients we have here. Our organic Olive Oil alone will change the way your dishes taste!
Just like I learned my basic Italian culinary skills with the Marcella Hazan books, we will teach you the basic skills of Sardinian and Italian cooking.
Special attention is paid to the “Blue Zone”, located in Sardinia and what National Geograhipic has designated as the area where people live longer than anywhere else in the world. Blue Zone recipes are healthy and delicious and respect a 5,000 year old culinary tradition. So, slow down, keep it simple and start enjoying life and cooking in a new and exciting way! We hope the shows will get you so enthusiastic that you come and visit us on one of our Tours.