Fried Octopus, Wild Herbs, and Flowers: Livestream Interactive Cooking Lesson from Sardegna, Italy 1 pm PDT / 4 pm EDT

LivestreamCagliari, Italy


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ChefsFeed Experiences cooking classes are a chance to virtually connect with chefs and bartenders, learn simple cooking tricks and tips, and most importantly, support the culinary community through this difficult time. 100% of ticket sales go directly to the host or their business to help support the hospitality industry. --- Join us in Pula, Sardegna, Italy with Manuele Senis and Melania Carta in their restaurant, MEMA. Manuele grew up in a small town in Sardegna, and always knew he was going to be a chef. After working in a Michelin star restaurant, he opened MEMA with his partner Melania. Manuele and Melania are passionate about local ingredients and tradition. They mix them with mastery and add their international experience to create plates of pure beauty with an explosion of flavors. In this class, we will visit their personal garden on the Sardinian seaside, where we will collect wild herbs and flowers, which play a fundamental role in their recipes. We will also watch Manuele cook for his guests, live from his restaurant and ask him questions as he is cooking. Learn how to properly filet a venemous rockfish and turn it into a rainbow colored Ceviche. Watch Manuele prepare our favorite dish at MEMA, Fried Octopus with sweet and sour Giardiniera. And last but not least, do not miss his Tuna Carpaccio ravioli balls filled with Fresh Sardinian sour cheese (Cas’Axedu) and seasonal fruits. Manuele and Melania opened their restaurant on a shoe-string budget, are supporters of sustainable farming and fishing (no red Tuna here), and have created a very cool place for a culinary journey that ranges from the local herbs and flowers of Sardinia to flavors of South America and Asia. Photos by Reporter Gourmet, Gabriele Boi. Video by Simone Serra.

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Rock Fish Ceviche , Fried Octopus and Catch of the day Carpaccio
Venomous Fish Ceviche Fried Octopus with Giardiniera and sweet fruits and sour cheese Live presentation of the menu of the day


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I learned how to cook fried Octopus at MEMA in Sardegna, Italy. 2 T-shirts
Interactive Lesson of 1 hour with Manuele maximum 5 people