Sardinian Red Tuna and Bottarga 101: how to filet a whole 300 lb tuna: Interactive Live Stream 11 am PDT and 2 PM EDT.

LivestreamCagliari, Italy


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Join us in Pula, Sardegna, Italy , and learn how to properly filet and cook all of the different parts of Tuna. Learn what blood line tuna is (Buzzonaglia) and how to make a ragu with this special part of the fish. Discover the MOST amazing Tuna Tartar with Sea Asaparagus. Meet Tuna Bottarga and how to cure it. Learn how to match both red and white wines with Red Tuna dishes. Discuss Bottarga with one of the experts on the subject and learn how to make the most important dish with this ingredient, Pasta con la Bottarga. We will be streaming live from Zia Leunora with Marco and Daniele Piras on the South West Coast of Sardinia in the beautiful sea side town of Pula in Sardinia. The Link for the event is here:

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Red Tuna live from Sardinia, Italy
Tartar with Tuna and Sea Aparagus Carpaccio di Tonno Pasta with Tuna Ragu’ Ventresca (Grilled) Wines from the West Coast of Sardinia


Video Production
Tuna -3 cans of Tuna-All different Types. Pasta, Canned Tomatoes, Lemon Salt, Organic Olive Oil
Tuna and Bottarga-Same as above but add grated and whole bottarga
6 bottles of Vermentino and 6 bottles of Carignano