Casu Marzu-The Real Story

LivestreamCagliari, Italy


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Join us on a trip to the heart of Sardinia, the Barbagia, the most representaive terroir of Sardinian Shepherding and ancient culinary traditions. On this trip we will tell you the real story of Casu Marzu, Sardinia’s cheese with worms. The heart of Sardinia is where the closest living language to Latin is spoken. This is the land where Sardinian bandits come from and where the 5,000 year old tradition of shepherding and wine making are rooted. The Barbagia just might be the oldest and best conserved collection of culinary and shepherding traditions on the planet. It is not an easy territory to navigate and for this reason we will travel with Michele Cuscusa, Sardinain Shepherd and organic cheese and wine maker. Casu Marzu is intense in flavor and tradition. Join us and discover what this cheese means to the Sardinian shepherd and the Sardinian culture. We will go a a town called Mamoiada, famous for its artisan masks, strong Cannonau and artisan knives.


Video Support-2 full days of filming
12 bottles of Sardinian organic wine and 2016 Cannoau
Adopt a Sheep and vineyard on the Cuscusa Organic dairy farm