Cacio e Pepe with Fiore Sardo, live from Sardegna, Da Josto.

LivestreamCagliari, Italy


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Join us on a Fiore Sardo adventure. We visited one of the most famous artisan producers of Fiore, interviewed him and now we are going to show you how to use this product to make a Cacio e Pepe, sardo style. Join us live from one of Sardinia's most famous chefs, Pier Luigi Fais, at his very cool restaurant, da Josto in the heart of Cagliari. We are in total lockdown , so we have opened up the restaurant for you and will be cooking behind closed doors. Fiore Sardo is the most traditional Sardinian shepherd's cheese, made with raw milk and smoked with wild olive and or Lentisco. It comes in an infinite variety of ages and flavors, even if most fiore that gets to America is our 12 month version, which is what we will be using today. Get your Fiore out if you want to cook with us or sit back, get a nice hearty bottle of red wine and learn how to make a Cacio e Pepe with Fiore Sardo. We will be selling a Cacio and Pepe kit at the end of the show.


Cacio e Pepe home kit with pasta, pepper, Olive Oil , Fiore and Romano, Fior di Sale.