Ricotta Salata and hand made Sardinian Pasta

LivestreamCagliari, Italy

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People often think Ricotta Salata is hard and very salty but this is not the case in Sardinia. Here we have many different versions, going from very soft and resembling a fresh ricotta to harder or even smoked versions (Mustia). Chef Massimilano Giordano, live from Sardinia Italy, from Amare Risorantino, is going to make some hand made pasta and show you a couple of different ways to use this heavenly ingredient. Join us and find out how versatile, healthy and delicious this ingredient is. We will be joined live by an American Chef as well , who will cook with us and help us reveal everything you wanted to know about Ricotta Salata but were afraid to ask! Part II of the weekly Series from Trigu Italia, Live and Cooking behind closed doors.


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