The Centenarians magic Minestrone-live from Sardinia

LivestreamCagliari, Italy

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Sardinia is the first so called Blue Zone in the world, which has been defined by Scientists as a small region where people live much longer than the average population. Sardinia is full of super foods, often dark purple or black in color (our red wine is called Binu Nieddu- or black wine) and we have off the chart levels of polyphenols, antinflammatories and Omega 3 in our daily foods such as Pecorino, Caprino, Mirto and Cannonau. The reason why Sardinians live longer and healthier than anybody else is a topic of constant study. We are going to take a look at some of our Super Foods, how we cook them and most of all in what context we share these meals. On this first edition of Longevity in Sardinia, we are going to cook with Sardinian specific Legumes and seasonal vegetables such as wild Asparagus. Join us and learn how to make some traditional Sardinian “super food” dishes with Chef Maria Carta, owner of Is Femminas. Maria is from Seulo, the original Blue Zone village. The cuisine at Is Femminas aims at respecting the age old cuisine and showing people how delicious long life cuisine can be! In addition to being a fantastic chef, Maria is one of a handful of women who knows how to make the rare pasta Filindeu. Maybe we will cook with it tonight!


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Sardinian Super Foods-Olive Oil, Mirto, Rice, Legumes, artichokes, asparagus and more