Spaghetti with Pecorino Romano, Fava Beans and Bottarga

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Did you know that Pecorino Romano is the most exported cheese from Italy to the USA? Did you know that 95% of all the Pecorino Romano produced in the world is from Sardinia and the remaining 5% comes from Lazio? Join us on our first show on Pecorino Romano and learn about this 2,000 year old cheese, its versatility and the different types of Romano DOP that exist. For example, there is a Pecorino Romano that contains less salt than the original recipe. Laura Sechi will help us discover this cheese at her restaurant in Cagliari, Sardegna. She will show us an original recipe where she mixes cheese and fish, which in Italy is usually a no can do! We will have a guest chef from Seattle, joining us, Deb Brownstein , from Mangia Bene Catering. The Trigu Thursday night series of live shows aims at discovering Sardegna, its age old culinary traditions and the amazing chefs that are building on these traditions. Our goal is also for you to be able to replicate these dishes, so bring a notepad and get ready to order our box of ingredients which will let you replicate this recipe. The class is for free so many people can join as possible but feel free to leave a video tip if you like what you are seeing and want more of it or buy the recipe box if you want to replicate the dish with the authentic Sardinian ingredients.

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Spaghetti con crema di Pecorino Romano, Favette e Bottarga di Muggine
Who would have thought of mixing Pecorino Romano with Fava Beans and Mullet Bottarga. Join me, Laura Sechi and Deb Brownstein to find out how to use some very strong and salty ingredients and how to make a delicious pasta with such savory ingredients.


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