The Perfect Carbonara @ Due Cucina, Live from Seattle, WA

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Join us on an adventure to recreate one of Italy’s most traditional and iconic comfort foods, Pasta alla Carbonara. Tune in with Chef Filippo Fiori nella sua cucina in Seattle, Wa. as he pairs old world tradition; Italy’s ubiquitous Pecorino Romano with locally grown, house cured Guanciale, to whip up his rendition of this classic. Experience a hands-on cooking demo that will leave you hungry and with the ability to replicate this delicous pasta at home. Filippo Fiori and Davide Macchi are Italian entrepreneurs who have created a unique series of restaurants in Seattle, Due Cucina, hand made pasta all Italiana. This is a first episode of our whirlwind American tour of live cooking as we take you with us to discover some of the most exciting venues in Seattle and San Francisco-and not just Italian!

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Pasta alla Carbonara
la Vera Pasta alla Carbonara


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