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Los Angeles, CA


Im a New Jersey native with Portuguese familial roots. Many of my earliest memories are poring over cookbooks and sneaking into the kitchen to attempt to cook without being ultimately kicked out by a cautious family member. Having understood that cooking is not only a passion, but a trade, I began apprenticing for no pay and engulfed myself in the in & outs of the kitchen with its long demanding days. I've been blessed to be exposed to various high caliber cuisine influences in my personal and professional life that have molded my food. From Nuevo Latino cuisine with Chef Andrew Dicataldo to Catalonian Cuisine with Chef Dani Garcia. From being chef de cuisine for Indian Master Chef Vikas Khanna, to French cuisine spending time in Eleven Madison Park, Adamantine has become an expression of sensible melding of global culinary influences. Inspiration for courses come from various sources, be it a desired flavor profile, texture sensation, further progression of technique ,weekly foraging trips,certain colors, smells, shapes, art, sometimes even music- all in a desire to strike a sense of nostalgia and warmness. Adamantine provides a thought provoking experience that is natural, honest, and pure through convivial enjoyment of delicious food. Can't wait to share meal with you.