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Cleveland, OH


Joseph Fredrickson recently relocated to Cleveland, Ohio to open Society Lounge–a vintage cocktail bar located on the exquisite East 4th. He has been diligently working to organize a cocktail program and a team of skilled bartenders. His career began at Nicholson’s Tavern and Pub while earning his finance and accounting degree at the University of Cincinnati. After graduating, he started a group called “World of Whiskey,” which revolved around a diverse whiskey selection, education and food pairings. Fredrickson found his passion lied in sharing his knowledge and love of spirits and food with others. In fall of 2011, he started Nicholson’s craft cocktail program that revolved around themed drinks that would coincide with the Broadway shows, which played across the street. Through this program, Fredrickson created over 30 unique cocktail lists, made steady news appearances on local news and national blogs, won awards and took a leadership roll on the companies corporate beverage team. Joseph has also been appointed as Treasurer of the Southern Ohio Chapter United Sates Bartenders’ Guild.