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JP & Kristen

San Francisco, CA


Hi! We're JP and Kristen, and we love to host pop-ups with menus inspired by our Filipino-American roots. Our pop-up project is called The Sarap Shop, and 'sarap' is a Tagalog word that can be used to described something as being delicious or feeling good. We embrace this dual meaning by developing dishes that bring together our favorite comfort foods, while creating equally comforting dining experiences.

We currently serve all meals on communal tables covered with toasted banana leaves, with no utensils but your hands. We celebrate this traditional way of eating 'kamayan' (to eat with your hands) because of its ability to enhance your connection to the food, and to the people dining beside you. We are also proud to be the first ever to host a fully vegan kamayan experience.

We also enjoy experimenting with other cultures' comfort food and trying new restaurants. We'll occasionally post our experimental recipes and tips on Instagram and YouTube.

And if you're just dyyyyying to more about us... ;P

JP only recently decided to take a risk and turn his affinity for cooking into a career. He jumped into the culinary field, with no formal training, and in just three years he has worked his way from a line cook at Spice Kit to Lead Vegan Chef at Google. In addition to The Sarap Shop, he continues to work at Google San Francisco, now as Sous Chef of their Japanese-Peruvian cafe.

Kristen wasn't much of a fan of cooking until it became a way she could experiment with uncommon food combinations. She complements JP's imagination in the kitchen by masterminding indulgent ideas for dishes, and designing unique dining experiences. Outside of The Sarap Shop, Kristen is a Design Producer at Google Ventures and runs a part-time private coaching practice.

Wow. Thanks for reading this far! Now that you know everything about us, we look forward to feastin' and getting to know you. :D