Five easy weeknight meals that will change the way you think about dinner

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PLEASE NOTE: THIS CLASS IS AT 1PM PST, NOT 12 NOON. YOU WILL RECEIVE A UNIQUE LINK TO JOIN THE CLASS VIA CONFIRMATION EMAIL. Please sign up here to get the link for this free workshop: In this 1 hour FREE workshop, you will learn: 1. Five meal types to incorporate into your weeknight menus Learn the basic format plus several variations for each meal so that you can mix-and-match ingredients and customize the meals to fit your family's tastes and diets 2. Time-saving tips and kitchen-efficiency hacks Want more time enjoying home-cooked meals, and less time stressing, planning, prepping, cooking, and cleaning? Get the pro-tips on how to make cooking at home more enjoyable. 3. With easy, delicious, "go-to" meals in your back pocket, you'll cook more at home, and love doing it. Swap the routine take-out with amazing home-cooked meals. Eat healthier. Save money. Enjoy your meals. Feel good about all of it in your joyful kitchen. Why take this free class? Whether you barely cook at all, or you do cook, but find yourself feeling stuck, uninspired, or in a rut... this free cooking class workshop is for you. Are you in the default cycle of ordering take-out or delivery, in desperation or due to exhaustion, more than you'd like to? Then...find yourself regretting it, wishing you had made something healthier and saved the money? I've been there! Now, I have a tried-and-true system for plugging in five weeknight meal types throughout the month, in different variations, making weeknight cooking way less stressful, and a lot more attractive than ordering take-out. I cannot wait to share this with you, my friend! See you in the workshop! Be sure you register using this link: