The Caribbean Bowl PLUS

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You belong here! Let's cook the Caribbean Bowl together. No matter the menu, my classes always focus on knife skills, cooking techniques, kitchen know-how and set-up, and shifting your mindset to become the home cook you've always wanted to be. These classes are about SO MUCH MORE than just recipes and cooking. In them, I teach you how to set yourself up, cook intuitively, and shift your mindset and your energy in and around your kitchen so that you can approach cooking at home with more ease, comfort, intuition, and joy. Here's the menu for The Caribbean Bowl PLUS: >Forbidden Coconut Rice >Zesty Seasoned Tempeh or Tofu >Roasted Sweet Potatoes >Marinated Kale >Avocado >Coconut-Cashew-Curry Yellow Sauce >Toasted Coconut >Bonus Recipe: Spicy Slaw We'll touch upon techniques that can be used with veggies in general. Learn roasting, sauteeing, grilling, blanching, and more! Everyone wants to learn more recipes, more cooking techniques, more meal planning tricks. But, before we can really become a successful cook, we need to set the stage for success in our kitchen. In this class, we are creating Your Joyful Kitchen so that it's ready for you to cook like a boss, and prepping YOU for the new, fresh version of you as the home cook you've always wanted to be. IF you can join live, you'll get the most out of the class. If you aren't able to, you'll receive the recording to watch at your convenience.