Culinary Demo + 4 Course Menu by Raw Food Chef Julie (Belgium)

In-PersonVenice, Venice


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Would you like to discover the benefits of raw food & learn how to create delicious vegan dishes? Raw food helped me to overcome chronic fatigue and stop dieting once and for all. Now I’d love to help you boost your energy levels, sleep better and become the healthiest you’ve ever been! Simon & I are visiting from Belgium, and we'd love for you to join us for a culinary demo (how to make raw vegan sushi) + 4 course lunch to celebrate the launch of our newly released cookbook ‘Vegan & Raw 2’.

Menu detail

Pineapple Cucumber Gazpacho with Seasoned Seeds
Small Plate
A refreshing gluten free take on classic gazpacho: fresh cucumber and pineapple seasoned with lime, ginger, spring onion and basil + avocado for extra creaminess. Served with seasoned pumpkin & sunflower seeds.
Rainbow Sushi with Carrot Hazelnut Paté & Orange Miso Dip
Small Plate
Sushi without rice or fish, is that even possible? These raw vegan rainbow sushi rolls prove that it is. They have sprouts instead of rice, carrot hazelnut paté as an alternative to fish and lots of colorful veggies for extra crunch, including purple cabbage and red bell pepper. Dip them in a creamy orange miso sauce and prepare for a flavor explosion!
Mushroom Cream Pasta with Macadamia ‘Cheeze’ Crumble
Are you a lover of classic French cuisine? This Mushroom Cream Pasta is our vegan take on ‘Pâtes aux champignons et crème fraîche’. The unique combination of cashews, mushrooms and zucchini makes the sauce super creamy yet light at the same time. I bet you won’t believe it’s dairy free! Topped with a savory macadamia ‘cheeze’ crumble & green herbs.
Berry Trifle with Cashew Custard
This trifle is a wonderful blend of flavors and textures: juicy berries, rich cashew custard, sweet fig almond crumble and refreshing berry coulis. The perfect way to end a festive feast!


Vegan Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Bites (5 pieces)
Cookbook Vegan & Raw 2

Culinary Demo + 4 Course Menu by Raw Food Chef Julie (Belgium)

In-PersonVenice, Venice
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