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Julio HawkinsNEW MAKER!

Newport Beach, CA


Chef Julio Hawkins believes in the beauty of simplicity. While cooking with his mother, Chef Julio learned the importance of using the freshest ingredients and created the philosophy that food should be served in a simplistic and respectful manner, complemented with little bursts of flavor. Lemon zest is the most favored ingredient in Chef Julio’s kitchen, as it brightens up the taste, bringing clarity and focus to the palate. In Seattle, Chef Julio learned to hunt and fish, which gave him a true love and appreciation for food. This translates into his farm-to-table mentality, and his use of responsible sustainable seafood. “We as a society need to go back to the basic way of producing wholesome goodness, the way our grandparents used to live,” Chef Julio said. Among his many awards and accolades, Chef Julio also earned the Silver Spoon Award and second runner-up in the Livermore Valley Food & Wine Pairing Competition. While not working, Hawkins enjoys going on hikes in the mountains, running along the beach with his Siberian Husky, and cooking at his family’s side.