Mastering the Basics - Sauces: Stocks, the 5 Mother Sauces & Vinaigrettes (Part 2 of a 5 Part Series)

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You don't need to memorize a million recipes to be a proficient cook. But you do need some basic skills to make your time in the kitchen enjoyable and not intimidating. Join me in a 5-Part cooking series called: Mastering the Basics. In this second class we will get saucy! Here is what we will cover: - How to make stock from scratch - How to make the 5 mother sauces - How to make a basic vinaigrette In addition to the sauces, stock & soup will we make eggs Benedict This class includes a my e-guide "Saucy" with 30 original recipes

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The 5 Mother Sauces
The 5 Mother Sauces
Egg Benedict
Small Plate
A classic recipe
Scratch vegetable stock
Scratch made stock you can use in a variety of ways.