Staples of the African Diaspora w/ Chef Jumoke Jackson

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Africa is the second biggest continent on the planet and definitely deserves some attention! This class is designed to educate & entertain, with a broad overview of Africa and some of its staple dishes. In this class we will make: INJERA A vessel for many African dishes (PLEASE NOTE: You will need to register and begin my instructions for making the injera 2 days prior to the class date.) JOLLOF RICE A coveted Nigerian staple DORO WAT The classic Ethiopian dish This class includes downloadable recipes. ---- This FREE class is presented by Lexus. Check out the all new Lexus IS at

Menu detail

Jollof Rice
A coveted Nigerian staple with a rich history.
Small Plate
A staple dish in a lot of African cooking. It's a vessel for many African dishes.
Doro Wat
This Ethiopian dish has many versions--we'll cover the classic.