Its Mothers Day so Let's Brunch It Up!!! Fun Fridge to Glass Brunch Cocktails For a Fun Mothers Day (Livestream)

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ChefsFeed Experiences cooking classes are a chance to virtually connect with chefs and bartenders, learn simple cooking tricks and tips, and most importantly, support the culinary community through this difficult time. 100% of ticket sales are for Covid-19 relief, to financially support the individual class instructor, their restaurant staff, or a charity of their choice. --- Let's be honest . . Brunch is the thing lots of us miss the most. 1. It is a 4-5 hour affair 2. You get to indulge that sweet and savory tooth at the same time. 3. You're usually working off one hangover and while starting another. 4. The only time you can order a cocktail at 11 am and no bats an eyelash. Finally, it's always a fun social experience. No one does brunch alone! This class aims to inject a little fun into your weekend without the need for you to even put on some pants. Justin will walk you take you through fun hands-on immersive boozy brunch cocktail using ingredients you have you in your pantry, fridge, or what you're using to make brunch in your own kitchen with some help from Oliverlane Whiskey and Tipsy Scoop Ice Cream. This class will be an hour-long, fun and engaging, and doesn't require a shirt or shoes for service. He will show you how to craft elevated cocktails using the tools you have in your kitchen. Justin is using this platform to raise funds for Hospitality Emergency Relief Funds. Link sent day before class

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Mothers Day Brunch Menu
This is a fun, interactive class that requires no bar tools to show you that making drinks at home is easy. Grab your kitchen utensils and follow along this livestream to make a spritz, elevated bloody mary, a pitcher drink, and a cheeky something extra Ingredients: Prosecco Vodka Bourbon Liter of flavored/club soda Aperol or Campari Tomato Juice Any juice Fresh citrus Spices & Herbs avail Maple Sugar Bacon Any glassware Wine glass 1 pitcher/jug a gym bottle/mason jar a pair of chopsticks