Cocktail History of New York

LivestreamBrooklyn, NY, USA


Discover the rich history of the American cocktail through a hands-on journey of some New York's iconic drinks. In this class, award-winning bartender and National Brand Ambassador Justin Noel of Sweetwater Social and Goldbar, will take you through a guided tour of the cocktails that shaped New York's rich drink culture. Learn classics that defy time and modern cocktails from some of New York's most iconic speakeasies and cocktail dens. This class will be an hour-long, fun, engaging, and informative without requiring you to put on shoes for service. Justin will show you how to craft three cocktails using tools you already have in your kitchen. So don't sweat about the equipment. Tune in and see how these iconic drinks are crafted. Justin is using this platform to raise funds for Hospitality Emergency Relief Funds. Link sent the day before class

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Tequila Cocktails of New York
Iconic Tequila Cocktails from New York's Finest Cocktail Dens: Siesta- Tequila Campari Grapefruits Limes Sugar Saly Agave Punch- Tequila Orange Juice Lemon Juice Sugar Port Orange Oaxaca Old-Fashioned- Tequila Mezcal Angostura Bitters Agave Orange Tools: Mason Jar w/lid Protein Shaker Tea strainer Martini Glass 2 x Rocks Glass Chopstick Knife Hand Juicer Y Peeler Shot Glass Measuring Spoons Measuring cup Ice Add-ons