Oktoberfest Bourbon & Beer Cocktails

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Its Friday night, fall & football are here, and Oktoberfest would be in full swing if Corona hadn't ruin it. So what a better way to get ready for the weekend than by putting on your lederhosen or dirndl, cracking open a bottle of bourbon, and crafting some tasty Oktoberfest inspired cocktails. In this class, award-winning bartender and National Brand Ambassador, Justin Noel of Sweetwater Social and Goldbar, will walk you through some bourbon history, Oktoberfest drinking traditions, and how to craft cocktail bar quality drinks from your kitchen. This class will be an hour-long, fun, engaging, & informative without requiring you to even put your pants on. Justin will show you how to craft three cocktails using tools you already have in your kitchen. So don't sweat about the equipment and instead put on the polka music and pour a large beer. Tune in and see how these delicious fall cocktails are made. Justin is using this platform to raise funds for Hospitality Emergency Relief Funds.

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Oktoberfest Bourbon & Beer
Apple & Pumpkin Brew: Bourbon Apple cider Lemons Marzen or Pumpkin Ale Cinnamon sticks Cranberries Pork Chop Cocktail: Bourbon Thyme Dijon mustard Apple cider Lemons Maple Smokey Munich Old-Fashioned: Bourbon German Bitter Liqueur or Amaro Baking Spices Brown Sugar Angostura Bitters Orange & Rosemary Tools: Mason Jar w/lid Protein Shaker Tea strainer 1 Highball 2 x Rocks Glass Chopstick Knife Lighter Muddler or Rolling Pin Hand Juicer Y Peeler Shot Glass Measuring Spoons Glass Bowl Ice