Dia De Los Muertos and Tequila

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Dia De Los Muertos and Halloween have become closely associated in recent years. Sugar skulls seem as synonymous as jack-o-lanterns and pumpkins. While the two holidays are close in date they do share common historical origins. This very sacred Latin American holiday also embraces local Mexican spirits. It is not uncommon to see tequila and mezcal bottles line an ofrenda or being consumed at a ceremony celebrating loved ones. Let's demystify this holiday and celebrate it the right way with our own ofrenda and some tasty tequila cocktails. This class will be an hour-long, fun, engaging, and hopefully entertaining time with award-winning mixologist Justin Noel. Justin will show you how to craft three cocktails using tools you already have in your kitchen. So don't sweat about the equipment and let's celebrate the dead the right way. Tune in and learn how to craft cocktail bar quality cocktails. Justin is using this platform to raise funds for Hospitality Emergency Relief Funds.

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Tequila and Dia De Los Muertos
Dia De Los Muertos Cocktails Marigold Ofrenda: Tequila Lime Orange Liqueur Agave Cantaloupe Chile de Arbol powder Edible Marigold Sangre De Las Flores: Tequila Agave Lime Orange Campari Hibiscus Tea Club Soda Spiked Atole: Tequila Corn Flour Brown Sugar Milk Hot Water Cinnamon Vanilla Extract Nutmeg Tools: Mason Jar w/lid Protein Shaker Tea strainer 2 mugs 1 martini 1 Highball Chopstick Knife Muddler or Rolling Pin Hand Juicer Y Peeler Shot Glass Measuring Spoons Measuring cup Ice