Embrace the Smoke - Demystifying Mezcal

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It's Friday night, summertime is around the corner, and it's time to unwind from a long week of sitting in front of your computer with a nice glass of the elixir of Oaxaca. So what better way to escape the grind and get your weekend started right than by embracing the smoke and having a little mezcal. In this class, award-winning bartender and National Brand Ambassador, Justin Noel of Sweetwater Social and Goldbar, will walk you through what Mezcal is, how it's made, and how to use it to craft cocktail bar quality drinks from your kitchen or backyard (and if the weather is right maybe Justin will do the class from his backyard as well). This class will be an hour-long, fun, engaging, and informative experience that doesn't even require you to put your pants on. Justin will show you how to craft three cocktails using tools you already have in your kitchen. So don't sweat about the equipment and just embrace the smoke. Tune in and learn to craft three tasty tipples.

Menu detail

Summer Time Mezcal Cocktails
Mezcal Pineapple Sour: Mezcal Fresh Pineapple Juice Fresh Lemon Juice Agave Nectar Egg White Cinnamon & Cayenne Powder Fennel Delight: Mezcal Fresh Grapefruit Fresh Lemon Agave Nectar Fresh Fennel x 3 Granada Old-Fashioned: Mezcal Pomegranate Juice Brown Sugar Angostura Bitters Orange Tools: 2 x rocks or old-fashioned glasses 1 x martini glass Mason Jar w/lid Protein shaker cocktail shaker set if you have it Measuring spoons Jigger if you have it Shot glass (small one not the tall ones) Knife Cutting board Hand press or margarita citrus juicer - squeezes fresh citrus Chopstick or Barspoon Muddler or Wooden Spoon