5-course Mochi Cooking Class

In-PersonEast Bay, San Leandro


Medium (10-15 Guests)
japanese, desserts/bakeries, asian
Gluten Free
Ever since I was young, my Japanese mother would make me deliciously soft, delicately sweet and chewy homemade Japanese mochi. We would eat various kinds, including green tea mochi, savory soup mochi, and traditional white mochi. Since two years ago, my mom and I team up to bring you a piece of our heritage; a five-course mochi making class. We are delighted and excited to share the art of mochi making with you. Get ready to make and eat a lot of mochi!

Menu detail

Sweet White Daifuku Mochi
Small Plate
using sweet rice flour and various fillings, including sweet red bean paste, chocolate, and/or fresh cut strawberries, we will steam, shape, pinch and form our perfectly beautiful mochi pieces.
Green Tea Matcha Mochi
Small Plate
Savory Mochi Ozoni Soup
this dish is a good luck dish, typically served at New Year's, but delicious to eat during any time of year. This dish consists of umami dashi broth made with kombu, bonito flakes, mirin, sake, chicken, dried shiitake, daikon, and carrot, with a garnish of chopped scallion. We will enjoy this savory soup with a special white mochi made in the more traditional form, using whole sweet rice grains, which are steamed and pounded in a mochi machine. I will discuss how you can make this at home.
Mochi Donuts- 2 flavors
Small Plate
We will mix, form, and fry 2 flavors of delicious mochi donuts, in two different forms- red bean filled and vanilla glazed. These are addicting!
Green Tea Mochi Ice Cream
We will form, fill, pinch and shape our matcha green tea ice cream mochi, which will be eaten on the spot! You will learn how to replicate all dishes in this class at home, as well.
All Mochi Recipes! (food for the brain)
Small Plate
You will be emailed all of the recipes, plus some bonus ones!

5-course Mochi Cooking Class

In-PersonEast Bay, San Leandro
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