Soy Miso Ramen + Gyoza Cooking Class (Veg/Vegan friendly)

In-PersonEast Bay, San Leandro


Intimate (2-4 Guests)
asian noodle soup, japanese, asian
Vegan, Vegetarian
Uncover the secrets to the perfect bowl of creamy soy miso ramen and gyoza dumplings. With a culinary education that took root early in her mother’s home, Chef Kaori’s cooking pedigree dates back two generations to her grandmother’s ramen shop in Fukushima, Japan. Discover the art of creating from-scratch vegetable + tofu gyoza dumplings, homemade ramen noodles, an irresistable soy miso ramen broth, and the assorted toppings to customize to your heart’s delight.

Menu detail

Homemade Gyoza Dumplings (Delicious and completely hands-on!)
First, we will make our own gyoza dough from scratch. Then, you will get a hands-on experience, learning the proper techniques for filling, folding, and pleating your homemade gyoza dumplings, which are made with tofu and seasonal veggies. You will also learn the best method of cooking gyoza dumplings to yield the crispy bottoms that gyoza are famous for. Our gyoza will be paired with a soy dipping sauce. *Ground pork can be added to your filling if requested (for meat lovers)
Homemade Ramen Noodles (hands-on)
You will learn how to make your own perfectly delicious ramen noodles, which you will mix, knead, roll, cut, and cook for your own bowl of ramen.
Miso Soy Ramen Broth (made in class!)
Using special ingredients including miso, high-quality creamy soymilk, and tobanjan, among other umami-rich ingredients, you will learn how to craft an unctuous miso ramen broth, redolent of a rich tonkotsu broth. This broth is simple to make, yet complex in flavor! We will make the broth together in class so that you can see exactly how it is made.
Ramen Toppings (for the veggie or meat lover)
Personalize your own ramen bowl with a variety of toppings, including wood ear mushrooms, bok choy, marinated mung bean sprouts, corn, and scallions. *Marinated ramen eggs will also be available for those who would like it (when you book, please mention if you would like an egg so I can know how many to prepare) *Chashu pork topping will be available for those who eat meat (please specify when you book if you would like chashu with your ramen)
I will email you a copy of all of the recipes covered in this class, and you will leave with the knowledge of how to make your own gyoza wrappers from scratch, how to fill, pleat, and cook them, and how to mix, roll, and cut your own ramen noodles! You will also know how to make a deliciously irresistable miso soy ramen broth that will leave your guests and family happy and amazed at your cooking!

Soy Miso Ramen + Gyoza Cooking Class (Veg/Vegan friendly)

In-PersonEast Bay, San Leandro
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