Japanese Baking Class (an pan man, cream pan, curry pan)

Oakland Hills, Oakland


Small (4-10 Guests)
japanese, desserts/bakeries, asian
Welcome to our Japanese Breads Baking class! Eri has been baking bread in Japan for many years prior to joining her husband in the Bay Area. Kaori and Eri combine their skills in Japanese cooking and baking to give you a class where you will make your own dough by hand, which we will fill and shape into an pan, cream pan and curry pan breads!

Menu detail

An Pan Man
Small Plate
An Pan Man is a cute and popular Japanese bread bun that is made with our super fluffy and soft bread recipe and filled with sweet red bean paste. You will also get creative and decorate your an pan man with chocolate to make eyes and a mouth! An Pan Man is based on a popular Japanese cartoon character.
Cream Pan
Small Plate
This delicious and fluffy bread bun is filled with our homemade vanilla custard!
Curry Pan
Small Plate
This beautifully soft and pillowy bread is stuffed withJapanese curry, which we proof and then bread in panko and fry. Crunchy, soft, curry deliciousness- you won't want to miss this!
Extra Dough!
Small Plate
You will mix, knead, and proof your own dough which you will get to bring home and make a delicious milk loaf with! IN ADDITION to bringing home 2 of each of the cream pan, an pan, and curry pan! (please refrigerate if not eaten right away)
Small Plate
Go home with all of the recipes we will send you via email, and continue to make deliciously soft and pillowy Japanese bread in your own home!

Japanese Baking Class (an pan man, cream pan, curry pan)

Oakland, California

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