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Karen CarrierNEW MAKER!

Memphis, TN


Karen Blockman Carrier has been a personal chef to such Hollywood big
shots as Tom Cruise and Susan Sarandon. But in Memphis this chef is a
bona fide celebrity in her own right – she’s on so many magazine covers,
you’d think she was promoting her latest blockbuster. The way to Memphis’
heart is through its stomach, and Carrier’s innovative restaurants and
one-of-a-kind cooking style is what makes her a star. Like a surprising
number of contemporary chefs, Carrier began her working life as an artist.
She earned her BFA in painting from The Memphis Academy of Art and
while working on her MFA in NYC she had a chance encounter in the
restroom of The Lone Star Café. A struggling art student mentioned her
love of cooking and lack of money. The other woman, one of New York’s
top chefs, was in need of help. The two exchanged names, the student
promised to start work the next day and Karen Carrier never returned to
graduate school.