Pakistani bakery

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Pakistani bakery-style biscuits are unique, flavorful, quick, and easy to make. Join me to bake along or just watch and take notes to put together 3 types of delicious cookies/biscuits!

Menu detail

Nan Khatai- Cardamom shortbread with almonds
Nan khatai is a cardamom flavored biscuit with a texture similar to shortbread with a buttery melt in the mouth crumbliness. In spite of that buttery flavor, nan khatai are traditionally made with ghee (clarified butter). The word nan khatai is derived from the Persian word ‘naan’ meaning bread, and the word ‘khatai’ means biscuit.
Zeera (Cumin) biscuits
Zeera biscuits are a staple in Pakistani bakeries. They are a sweet-savory treat with a bite of toasted cumin seeds, best enjoyed with a cup of tea.
Gold coins- Vanilla wafer cookies
These are commonly referred to as biscuits and have several names like drop biscuits, coin biscuits, egg biscuits, or vanilla wafers. They are small, crispy, and melt in the mouth.