Chicago, IL


For 10 years, I've had the honor of feeding the good people of San Francisco, and now I've made the move to Chicago!
Raised in a small midwestern village of 261, I moved to the Mission in 2005 to join some adventurous friends, drink up the Bay Area culture, and become a plant-based chef.
My first cooking job was with the flagship of west coast vegan dining, Millennium. From there, sommelier Chris Tavelli tapped me to be the chef of 2 wine bars with which I worked for 4 years. Digging deeper to work with great chefs, I then spent time in the kitchens of Boulette's Larder, AQ, and with master chef Takashi Saito at Izakaya Yuzuki. Most recently, I was the chef at Citizen Fox, as well it's offshoot kit fox.
It's an honor to cook in the Bay Area for such refined and receptive diners. I love meeting different people with whom I can share a plant based meal, fusing both the modern and traditional, with a playfulness and dedication to craft.
Here's to health, and hedonism!
See you soon...