Late Fall Pasta Dinner

In-PersonHumboldt Park, Chicago


Large (15-20 Guests)
vegan, italian
Vegan, Vegetarian
I'm excited to get back into making some hearty pastas now that the seasons have changed, and would love to feature my absolute favorite, agnolotti dal plin. Plin means 'pinched' in Italian, and is often a meat filled pasta, but we'll be using a delicious mushroom, fennel, and spinach filling instead! We'll also have a wonderful beet pate with our carrot 'yolk,' a black-garlic glazed squash salad, a hearty parsnip-apple soup with cashew brie, and a chocolate allspice mousse with meringue.

Menu detail

Beet Pate with Carrot Yolk
We'll season our beet pate with urfa chile, olive oil, and sumac, top it with our spherified carrot 'yolk,' and serve it with freshly baked crostini.
Black Garlic-Glazed Squash Salad
Small Plate
We ferment our own black garlic, and will use that to glaze kuri squash. We'll serve it with grilled endives, chrysanthemum, pomegranate, maitake mushrooms, and sesame snow.
Parsnip-Apple Soup with Rosemary Oil, Cashew Brie
Small Plate
We make a rich, velvety parsnip apple soup infused with herbs, and top it off with rosemary oil, and our own cashew brie.
Agnolotti with Tomato Brodo, Chive Oil, Almond Parmesan
A delicious stuffed pasta filled with ground mushroom, fennel, and spinach, served in a tomato brodo, then topped with chive oil, and freshly shaved almond parmesan.
Chocolate Allspice Mousse, Parsnip Creme Anglaise, Meringue
A sweet treat to finish off a nice meal! Parsnips when roasted turn very sweet, and can be used as a sugar substitute! Served with aquafaba meringue.

Late Fall Pasta Dinner

In-PersonHumboldt Park, Chicago
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