613 Briar Opening Dinner

In-PersonLakeview, Chicago


Large (15-20 Guests)
vegan, italian
Vegan, Vegetarian
The old Kitchen 17 space has been cleaned up fixed, painted, and is looking shiny and new! I'm excited to use the space to start doing unique events, with the intention of turning it into a new vegan restaurant for Chicago! This dinner is a family style Italian dinner with a few French influences to round it out. We'll feature housemade bread, cheese, pickles, a hearty and comforting lasagna, and a nice lemon cake with whipped cashew and baked strawberries to round it out. See you then!

Menu detail

Housemade Sourdough Bread and Cheese
I'm very dedicated to baking bread in the old artisanal style using wild yeast. We'll be topping it off with our creamy almond chevre, dollops of olive tapenade, and a forest of herbs.
Potato and Pickled Green Bean Salad
Small Plate
Salt baked butterball potatoes and pickled green beans with fennel confit, and a tart sherry vinaigrette will make for a meaty salad we'll pepper with organic greens, and top with our shaved almond parmesan. This is a very French salad.
Lasagna with Smoked Lentil Bolognese and Cashew Mozzarella
A classic lasagna! We make our own noodles, and layer them with a rich tomato sauce, hickory-smoked lentil bolognese, basil, and our housemade meltable cashew mozzarella.
Lemon Cake, Whipped Cashew, Baked Strawberry
Topped with toasted almond slivers!

613 Briar Opening Dinner

In-PersonLakeview, Chicago
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