Fresh Summer Vegetable and Vegan Cheese Family Style Dinner

In-PersonLakeview, Chicago


Large (15-20 Guests)
vegetarian, vegan
Vegan, Vegetarian
Every now and again, I love cooking without having to slap a label on it, constrain it to a specific theme, or culture. I do love limitations! Summer vegetables is loose enough that we can eat a bunch of fantastic, fresh, seasonal dishes, and leave room for creativity and possibility. This is a suggested menu, and a few dishes might change depending on what looks good at the market that day. Come eat fresh, delicious, vegan cuisine, inspired by summer in Chicago!

Menu detail

Cashew Burrata & Housemade Country Bread
Just recently we were able to make vegan burrata! I'd always considered burrata to be the ultimate soft cheese, as it is a mozzarella that has a creamy, rich, not-quite-set filling, encased in a stretchy, more formed mozzarella shell. It is solid on the outside, and soft on the inside making it eminently spreadable, and totally addictive. We'll drizzle nice green olive oil over it, salt, pepper, and serve it with our house baked bread.
Broccolini with Tempura Lemon, Pine Nuts, and Almond Parmesan
Small Plate
Blanched and chilled broccolini with Crispy Tempura Lemon Slices, Olive Oil, Pine Nuts, and topped with our freshly grated Almond Parmesan.
Grilled Plum Salad with Fennel Confit, Almond Ricotta, and Chicories
Small Plate
A delicious early summer salad featuring grilled and chilled peaches, fennel confit, chicories, almond ricotta, and fresh herbs.
Penne Pasta with Cashew Mozzarella, Basil, Summer Squash, and Cherry Tomatoes
This is a very addictive pasta salad using all the fresh flavors of summer.
Poached Peaches with Oat Crumble and Sweet Whipped Cashew
A sweet treat to finish your meal.

Fresh Summer Vegetable and Vegan Cheese Family Style Dinner

In-PersonLakeview, Chicago
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