Trippy Vegan Party Food Dinner

In-PersonEast Lakeview, Chicago


Large (15-20 Guests)
Vegan, Vegetarian
Some of our recipes are very tried and true, like our vegan mozzarella, and we utilize it in many different ways. But have you ever had our cheese on fire, like in a classic Greek saganaki style? We've made a wonderful salad with grilled fruit before, but have you had it with persimmons, chile oil that we turned into a powder, and fennel confit? We're giving all of our dishes a fun twist, and making a party out of it. We're combining the 'tried and true' with a touch of spectacle. Come join us! We'll have fun.

Menu detail

Saganaki: Flaming Vegan Mozzarella
We make our own house-made vegan mozzarella, and will be setting it on fire, dousing it with a little lemon, and then adding some olive oil and herbs. Served with freshly made pita.
'Suppli Classici' Risotto Croquettes
We'll make a risotto, fill it with our meltable cashew mozzarella, form it into croquettes, roll them in bread crumbs, and fry them until hot and crisp. This we'll serve over a rich tomato sauce, and grate our housemade almond parmesan over the top. Otherwise popularly known as 'arancini di riso.' One of my favorites!
Grilled Persimmon and Squash Salad with Chile Snow
Small Plate
Grilled squash and persimmons, chicories, fennel confit, sunflower seeds, champagne vinaigrette, and a powdered chile oil 'snow.'
Chile, Cheese, and Chicory Tamales
Poblano chiles, wilted chicories, smoked seitan, and meltable cashew cheese filled tamales. Served with roasted tomato and pepita salsa, avocado, and whipped cashew foam.
A fantastic vegan tiramisu! One of my favorite desserts, we'll make it with a touch of espresso, rum, and sweetened cashew mascarpone.

Trippy Vegan Party Food Dinner

In-PersonEast Lakeview, Chicago
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